Hands-On: ‘Bounce’ From Steel Wool Studios Is An Inventive Roomscale Physics Puzzle Game


When theorizing about the types of games I want to play in VR, the list is pretty predictable. Fantasy role-playing games with deep and immersive worlds, realistic military shooters, bow and arrow games, a Sword Art Online-style MMO, and many other concepts that appear on most people’s list of hypothetical games. Well, those plus a new Metroid VR game of course.

What my list doesn’t include is a puzzle game that involves getting a ball from point A to point B in a 360-roomscale environment using  various tools and gadgets in conjunction with the effects of physics and gravity. Fortunately, Bounce, from Steel Wool, is a game designed to let me know I want what I didn’t know I wanted.

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George Penston

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