Kristine Donovan Rosales


Role: Production Manager

Kris has been in the entertainment and animation industry for over 10 years. She worked in production at LucasFilm on the award winning Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series.  She received special recognition in 2013 when the TV series won the Outstanding Special Class Animated Program Emmy.  Her most memorable moment on that show was sharing a cookie with George.  Outside of work, Kris enjoys running marathons, traveling, and watching reruns of Friends.  In the future, she hopes to learn Elvish.

Andrew Dayton


Co-FounderExecutive Producer, Lighting Director, Duct Tape


Andrew Dayton is a 10 year veteran Technical Director at a well known animation studio. Andrew’s worked on such films as The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Brave and such shorts as One Man Band and Lifted. Andrew worked in New York City as a 3D Art Director at Black Logic Studios and had previously freelanced as a 3D artist at various studios.

Jason Topolski


Production Manager, Associate Producer

Jason Topolski co-founded Steel Wool Games in 2011. Jason's worked with Josh Qualtieri and Sequoia Blankenship for the past 10 years on Zombiesmith games where they make miniatures and rule sets for tabletop games. Over his 12 years of experience working in the world of animation, he's worked on such films as Brave, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Monster's Inc. and Finding Nemo.

Charles Huang


Charles has been entertaining kids and adults now for over 15 years. As a co-founder of RedOctane, he co-created the Guitar Hero video game franchise, which went on to become the fastest video game to reach $1B in sales and has exceeded $5B of total revenue to date. In 2006, Huang, along with his brother Kai, was elected as one of the top 50 producers in New Media by the Producers Guild of American New Media Council membership which includes such famed movie directors as Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer. Charles is the founder of Indigo 7 and advises numerous hardware start ups in Silicon Valley.  When he is not building entertainment or hardware products, Charles serves on the University of California at Berkeley Foundation Board of Trustees, where he got his degree in Asian Studies.  Charles launched the Huang Scholars Program, a two summer program which sends students to study language and work at internships in China.

Charles was born in Taiwan the same year his wife, Lillian, was born in Shanghai. They are the proud parents of two daughters, Kaylan and Charley.

Stewart Alexander Johnston


Role: Programmer aka Elite Hacker Droid 
Hobbies: code... code... CODE!!  Video Games, Compose Orchestral Music in MIDI

Aspirations: Program the matrix and take over the world

Greatest Fear: Accomplishing Nothing and Self Destruct Sequence

Stewart Alexander is the programmer for Steel Wool Games and is also a Component Design Engineer at Intel.  Working at Intel, Stewart helps to design, implement and test features for the graphics hardware.  Despite working at Intel, Stewart loves programming for games more than anything and has received a degree in Game Programming from the University of Advancing Technology which is exactly why Stewart has become a Steel Wool Games slave.