Scott Stribling


Role: Animator

Hobbies: Watching late 80's early 90's extreme sports movies, tearing up b-ball courts, asking follow-up questions, eating burritos, and flying kites.

Aspirations: Make people laugh, own a bar globe, and be an all around righteous dude.

Greatest Fear: Living in a world without pizza and hawaiian shirts.


Phillip Shaw


Phillip (Philbo) Shaw
Role: 3D Artist (Prop/Environment Modeler, Dynamics & What else needs doing)
Hobbies: Staying peanut free/Tabletop/Video Games/
Theory-craft/Friendly Arguing/Camping

Aspirations: Learn to play the pipe organ, visit New Zealand,
Punch a Shark, and to dine on crazy animals; not in the head crazy.

Greatest Fear: Skydiving & Hospitals at Night (Spooky).

Erin Smith


Erin Smith
Role: 3D Artist (Texturing, Art alien and secret shark)
Hobbies: Drawing dinosaurs, kicking ass in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer (I wish), Dinosaurs, bothering my cat while she sleeps, and eating delicious food.

Aspirations: “I want to live on a space station. Or have a tiny pet genetically engineered T-rex. Again, whatever's easier. Oh, and learning more about art, composition, shaders, and how to bake awesome normal maps. There's always more to learn and improve on!”

Greatest Fear: “Touching a light switch in a dark room, but instead of a light switch it's really a giant spider. Seriously. Worst thing ever. Also, jellyfish. Terrifying gelatinous blobs of pain and death. Freaky little things.” 

Tobin Tse


Tobin Tse
Role: Game Designer / 3D Artist
Tobin Tse was born in San Francisco to Chinese immigrant parents. He developed an intense fascination with games at a young age, and hasn't looked back since. He attended Expression College for Digital Arts studying Game Art and Design, and worked developing mobile and browser games before starting at Steel Wool. His interests include Japanese punks, the 50's, and how long it's going to be until he can become a cyborg.

Favorite Games: Half Life Series, Mass Effect Series, roguelikes, strategy games in space "Everyone panic!"