We believe virtual reality is on the edge of becoming a full-blown new entertainment medium – not a passing fad. Bringing decades of creative production experience from companies like Pixar, Lucasfilm, Intel, and TellTale Games, our goal is to advance the state of VR with our skill, hard work, or by pure luck. Whatever works. As an independent studio, we create what excites us: games, interactive educational, and narrative projects incorporating our sense of story, design, and gameplay with a mix of creativity, intemperate use of expletives in meetings, and a penchant for buffoonery.

We are Steel Wool Studios.





We started Steel Wool Studios (previously Steel Wool Games) to pursue our personal passions — and our projects are a reflection of our diverse interests — from space exploration to whimsical creatures in pitched battles, we create what we ourselves love. Check out what we have released so far below and stay tuned for more great content later this year!

Crouching down, I was able to see it (Quar: Battle for Gate 18) from their point of view; when I turned my head, just in time to see a cannon explode with a puff of smoke, I almost went to blow it away before remembering that it wasn’t really there.
— SlashGear
Playing with scale is one of the most enjoyable elements of VR in these early stages, and Steel Wool [Studios] have capitalized upon this.
— VRFocus
The go-for-it startup mentality behind Steel Wool [Studios] is infectious.
— Cult of Mac